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Extract Turn any website into readable markdown.
beta release
What is it?
Scraping and crawling the web is difficult. You might have to deal with <script> tags, client-side apps, weird layouts and more... It's just not worth your time.

Instead, we built
to make it delightfully easy to scrape any website. It's currently a beta release, but it's already making a big difference.

We designed the API with beautiful concurrency and fast response times built in.
Fast Responses at the speed that you work.
Seamless Implementation By developers, for developers.
    url: "https://example.com",
    success: true,
    content: "# Example Domain\n\nThis domain is for use in illustrative examples in documents. You may use this domain in literature without prior coordination or asking for permission. More information...",
	html: "<div><h1>Example Domain</h1><p>This domain",
Batching Send up-to 24 links in one request.
Dynamic and configurable Works on nearly any website.
Perfect for LLM grounding Add web sources to any model.
Simple pricing Pay per request, not a monthly subscription.